by Michael Baumgärtner


Tsu in Japanese means a person who has a lot of knowledge in doing one certain thing; therefore a Sushi-Tsu is an expert concerning Sushi. This document is meant to be a good start on the long way to become a Sushi-Tsu.

Sushi? · 寿司?

Junichi Matsura, a Japanese Sushi-master living in Düsseldorf, once told me with a wink that Sushi would be some kind of Japanese fast food. Indeed, Sushi are small tidbits, always combined with rice and nearly always, but not exclusively combined with raw fish - and before you can say Jack Robinson, the tidbits are gone.

Once grabbed by the passion for Sushi, I now go to the next Sushi-bar whenever I can find the time and let the Sushi-Chef spoil me with his delicacies. And more and more I tried to prepare Sushi myself.

I gathered a lot of knowledge about Sushi for quite some time that I summarized in this document. I hope that Sushi-lovers - and readers who are about to become ones - are interested in the available information.

Have fun while reading, cooking and eating...

Signature of Michael